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Teens + Tweens

From attitudes and defiance to low self esteem and bullying, the feeling that your teenager needs to talk to someone other than you is probably true.

It isn't because you haven't done an amazing job being a parent (I'm sure you have!) or that you've given up on helping them (I doubt it!) but there are so many daily issues that happen in your teen's life that they just don't feel comfortable talking to you about. Many times it boils down to a) they don't know how to communicate their feelings appropriately or b) you're their parent and some topics will always be off limits (No offense). 

Yes, I will start off being a stranger that might know more about your teen's feelings than you do but I ask that you trust me with this information. Most, if not all, of my parents feel a sense of relief knowing I am an outlet that their teenager can talk to even if it isn't them.  Common issues discussed include self esteem, body image, peer drama, family discord and learning how to effectively cope!