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Young Adults

An open letter to twenty-somethings and young adults

Dear You, 

Remember the days when you wanted nothing more than freedom? To be done with school, working at an awesome job and making the big money?  Has it been as easy as you thought it was going to be? For most of us, many life transitions and milestones are introduced during these years and it can be very overwhelming!  You might be questioning every decision you have to make or doubting every decision you've already made.  Professors, employers and landlords can ignite sleepless nights and cause you to worry more than you ever have before. The pressure you feel to succeed is beating you down.  

You might have noticed changes that "aren't you" such as:

  • Irritability towards friends and family
  • Hopelessness and excessive worry
  • Difficulty enjoying things like you used to
  • Using negative behaviors to cope with daily life (increased alcohol/drug use, excessive food consumption or cutting)

These are all red flags. Your mind and body are yelling "Something is wrong and I need help!"  You've worked too hard to get this far and feel miserable.  Talking to someone that has been in your shoes (not that long ago) might be very good for you. I can't make life  easier for you but I can help you learn positive ways to deal with it.