1 in 8…

 If one more person tells you of someone they know who went on vacation and Voila! They got pregnant! you are going to scream. In their face. While waving all of the medical bills you've accumulated. You feel like they just don't get it---and you're right because most don't. 

I've walked that pain you are feeling. I've been flooded with tears of fear and disappointment along with unshakeable hope and unrelenting determination. It's hard opening up to someone. I totally get how scary and frustrating it can be. What if they say the same ole' thing that everyone else has been saying? How can she possibly understand? These doubts are perfectly fine to have and I encourage you to be selective when opening up to others about infertility---especially about infertility. 

I promise you won't have to explain the following to me: HSG, IUI, IUI with injectables, IVF, IVF with ICSI, clomid, letrozole, lupron, follistim, menopur, trigger shots, PIO, delestrogen, PCOS, Endo, DOR, MFI, TWW, beta testing, how important the thickness of your lining is, FET, PUPO, eggs retrieved/fertilized/frozen, donor sperm, donor eggs, donor embryos. Plus a few more I probably left out.