It's easy for your loved ones to say just "relax" when they aren't living with the anxiety and stress that infertility brings. I'm sure you could write a book on all of the "wrong things" people have said! It is so hard finding someone you can truly open up to. 

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Miscarriage + Loss

It comes from a sincere place in the hearts of those who say "at least you know you can get pregnant" after you tell them of your recent miscarriage but sometimes their words do more harm than good.

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Perinatal Mood + Anxiety Disorders

You were told to prepare for "baby blues" but these feeling are different. You can't handle being a new mom. You feel overwhelmed, hopeless, irritated and angry. You are exhausted but can't sleep. You love your baby but feel like you made a huge mistake. 

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The Wait: Infertility Group Therapy


Please contact me if you are interested in joining group therapy that begins in September 2019. We will meet monthly and the cost is $50 per session. More information will be provided  upon request. Spaces are limited so save your seat!

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Additional Services


Young Adults

Remember the days when you wanted nothing more than freedom? To be done with school, working at an awesome job and making the big money?  Has it been as easy as you thought it was going to be? You've worked too hard to get this far and feel miserable.  

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Teens + Tweens

From attitudes and defiance to low self esteem and bullying, the feeling that your teenager needs to talk to someone other than you is probably true.

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