Licensed Professional Counselor + Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional

This is really hard. But you already know this.

It's hard because there are no specific answers that tell us why all of this is happening.  It's hard because life can slowly chip away pieces of your personality and leave you utterly exhausted-emotionally, physically, financially. It also can sucker punch you when you least expect it and rob you during a very joyous season.  Sometimes it's easier to fixate on the unfairness of life and force our best smile while fighting back the tears. You struggle to keep your head above water while pretending like you're ok. But you know you're not.  

Sound familiar?

If so, let me help. Together, we can try and make life a little easier. We will work through these problems and learn the tools for you to get back in control of your happiness. I specialize in all things female with an emphasis on infertility + loss and pregnancy / postpartum mental health.  I accept select insurance plans and offer reduced rates on an individual basis.

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It's easy for your loved ones to say "just relax" when they aren't living with the anxiety and stress that infertility brings. I'm sure you could write a book on all of the "wrong things" people have said. You feel like they just don't get it. 

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It comes from a sincere place in the hearts of those who say "at least you know you can get pregnant" after you tell them of your recent miscarriage but sometimes their words do more harm than good. 

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You were told to prepare for "baby blues" but these feeling are different. You can't handle being a new mom. You feel overwhelmed, hopeless, irritated and angry. You are exhausted but can't sleep. You love your baby but feel like you made a huge mistake.

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Interested in joining a small group of women walking through infertility? Surrounded by a group of women who understand your tears before they fall can be just the support you need. Our next group begins in September 2019.